Enabled CRO

Most common barriers to conversion rate optimization

Despite being convinced of the enormous benefits of conversion rate optimization (CRO), we’ve found even senior-level marketers get stuck behind the same obstacles: 

  • They aren’t sure what needs to improve – Is it the headline? The offer? The layout? All three or something else? Without definitive insight into what will move the needle and why, marketers are left to make decisions on little more than gut feel.
  • Their existing UX team resists change – ‘Pride of authorship’ creates significant barriers to using the UX team that created the site to make and test new site variations.
  • Their teams lack the broad array of expertise required – It takes a combination of skills to complete an effective CRO process. Unfortunately, most marketers lack the analytics, marketing, UX design, development and data science expertise they need on their teams.

Meanwhile, for every day these marketers are unable to optimize their sites for conversion, the farther they fall behind competitors who have.


Introducing Enabled CRO

Enabled CRO is a proven process to dramatically increase your eCommerce site’s conversion rate and ROI within 12 weeks.

Developed with the input of dozens of eCommerce clients, Enabled CRO employs a data-driven methodology to:         

  1. Align your site to visitors’ motivations – We identify why visitors come to your site and how to improve it to better fit their expectations.
  2. Calm your site visitors’ fears – We find and address your visitors’ security, product quality, comparative value and other concerns that keep them from becoming a customer.
  3. Smooth your site visitors’ path to purchase – We pinpoint and modify site elements that create friction between visitors’ experience and the action you want them to take.

How an Enabled CRO engagement works

Enabled CRO uses a continuous cycle of testing and learning to increase your site’s conversion rate and revenue through targeted, incremental improvements. The cycle consists of two main phases:

Phase I – Analyze (2-4 weeks)

  1. Discover
    We use site analytics, session recordings, heat maps and social media scraping to create detailed customer profiles: who they are, how they found you, what they want, how they move through your site and why.
  2. Hypothesize
    We then develop a set of testable hypotheses about which elements of motivation, fear and friction are prompting visitors to abandon your site and what might persuade them to stay.

    Next we develop an
    execution plan to test these hypotheses and learn from the results, which includes a prioritized execution calendar and test result goals.

 Phase II – Optimize (6-8 weeks)

  1. Test
    We create and test multiple site variations, each focused on assessing the validity of a specific hypothesis.
  2. Learn
    We then analyze the test results to determine if the variant produced a statistically significant improvement in your site’s conversion rate.
  3. Improve
    Next, we implement the successful variants to make them a permanent part of your site. Finally, with all the winning variants implemented, we measure the new conversion rate of your site.

The Enabled CRO results

It is not uncommon for our process to improve conversion rates by 25% to 50%. In some instances, we’ve seen improvements of more than 200%.

For small to medium eCommerce sites, these kinds of improvements in conversion can mean annual revenue increases of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.



The Enabled CRO fee

We implement Enabled CRO on a gain-sharing basis—meaning our fees are paid out of the revenue increase we produce for our clients. If we don’t improve your conversion rate, you owe us nothing.

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