Market Match: Identifying New Revenue Sources

How do you grow fast and smart in today's environment?

You need to grow revenue fast and you’re ready to expand into new markets.

You also need to be smart.

Some markets will produce huge gains. Others will end in painful lessons learned.

Before you commit time, capital and your reputation, wouldn’t it be smart to know…

  • Which markets are “ripe and ready” for your offer and which are past their prime?
  • Which markets are most likely to produce the fastest returns and which will take too long to perform?
  • Which markets have room for your offer and which are oversaturated?
  • Which markets will be most cost effective to enter and which will cost too much?

Getting the answers right will significantly increase your odds for success. Getting them wrong will set you up for failure.

And in today’s environment, the stakes have never been higher.

Still, some decision makers let their teams spend upwards of 6 months to draw insights out of stale, pre-packaged analysis purchased online. Others simply “go with their gut.”

Meanwhile, more than half of growth initiatives end in expensive failure.


Know where to expand and why within 45 days

A select yet growing number of leaders have found a better option.

New breakthroughs in data science now enable them to not only know where to expand, but also why.

We can put this same power in your hands.

MarketMatch is our proprietary growth planning SaaS product powered by cutting-edge advancements in machine learning and predictive analytics.

It enables you pick the most promising markets for expansion with stunning speed and accuracy.

With MarketMatch, you and your team will be able to…

  • Significantly reduce time between analysis and actionable decisions
  • Open new locations quickly and profitably
  • Launch smart, hyper-targeted marketing campaigns
  • Confidently recommend strategic growth decisions backed by rigorous data analysis
  • Uncover hidden growth opportunities conventional methods would otherwise overlook
  • Stop wasting time and capital pursuing unprofitable markets

Why choose MarketMatch?

Customized to your business 
From competitors to customer demographics, only data points relevant to your unique business are fed into your platform. That means your time is spent only on the information you can use.

Implemented by experts 
The team that customizes and implements MarketMatch is small in number, yet heavy on expertise. PhDs in data science ensure the analytical methodologies used for your business are sound, while consulting professionals with years of experience in strategic decision making ensure the insights produced are actionable.

Easy to use
Developed with years of input from our clients, we’ve paid close attention to the way MarketMatch presents information. Native visualization tools like heat maps, rank ordered lists and revenue projection schedules make it easy to turn analysis into fast, smart decisions.

Drive smart, fast expansion with MarketMatch within 45 days.

Maintenance free
We host MarketMatch with our own infrastructure, so you always have access to the most advanced and up-to-date system.

Analyze markets and predict returns by region, state, city, or zip code. Drill up or down in any area to see how competitors can impact your plans.

Heat Map
Heat maps show the most promising new markets for your business at a glance.
Prioritize where to spend limited time and capital with lists that rank markets from most to least promising.
Prioritize where to spend limited time and capital with lists that rank markets from most to least promising.

What would a MarketMatch implementation look like?

PHASE 1: Discovery
One of our experts meets with you to understand your growth goals, business needs and how a MarketMatch implementation could help.

PHASE 2: Research & Analysis
Our data scientists and business consultants work with your team to understand what information leadership needs and how to best present it for actionable decision-making.

PHASE 3: Custom Build

  1. Our team begins by building a database of where your U.S. prospects are located, how close they are to each other and to your existing offices, current customers and key competitors.
  2. Our data scientists use this key data to project the potential revenue every city across the entire U.S. could generate, the costs to pursue each market and the time to revenue growth.
  3. Our consultants build searchable graphic displays that present the analysis in easy-to-understand visualizations like heat maps and rank-ordered lists of the most promising locations.

PHASE 4: Go Live
Within 45 days from our team’s arrival, your MarketMatch platform is live and ready to enable smart, fast growth decisions.

PHASE 5: Ongoing maintenance & support
We host and upgrade your solution as new features and functionality come available, so MarketMatch can become a long-term asset that enables revenue for years to come.

Maturity Curve
See when any market is most likely to produce an acceptable return.

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