Business Performance Simulator

Business Dimulation makes it possible to accurately estimate revenue and expenses

Instead of guessing at the uncertainty, Business Simulation allows you to forecast financial performance under all possible future conditions, so you can choose the forecast that fits your risk tolerance. To start, you only need to enter a limited amount of information on key business drivers and metrics:

  • Key drivers – such as locations and average transaction amounts.
  • Variable metrics related to your key drivers such as COG,
  • Fixed metrics such as such as rent, payroll, etc.

With those drivers and metrics, Business Simulation uses data science to generate a collection of possible business conditions and simulates the performance of your group under those conditions, producing three key forecasts:

  • Pandemic curve Using cutting edge data science, a forecast is generated of the likely severity of the pandemic in each of your locations.  In addition, it utilizes this forecast to estimate the state of government interventions such as occupancy limits
  • Post intervention sales: For each location, a customer traffic scheduler forecasts the rate at which customers are likely to return and the likely transaction levels per day following the lifting of restritions.
  • Financial performance: Using each of the possible end-dates, a monthly P/L is created, each forecast allowing for some variation in your key metrics.
racf- Lockdownenddate
racf-guest checks

Choose the version of the future that fits your risk-confidence level…

Once the simulation is run, you choose the confidence level you would like in your forecast for each of your key metrics

  • What is the likely customer traffic and transaction rates
  • How much revenue can we expect by location
  • What will expenses be in the reduced run-rates
  • What cash flow can be expected after the interventions are lifted


racf-forecast dashboard
racf-total net cash flow


Business Simulation allows you to see through the fog of the pandemic to accurately forecast liquidity and make sound business decisions.

•     Confidence:

    • Eliminating the risk of guessing
    • Evaluate all possible future outcomes and let’s you choose the correct one for your risk profile

•     Speed to value:

    • The inputs are simple.
    • The system can be configured in a matter of hours, simulations run in minutes.


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