Enabled Dashboards

Plenty of data but not enough insight?

To be ready for what’s next, you need to understand what’s happening now. 

Your business data can help you make powerfully smart decisions for the future, provided you can translate it into insight. 

Easier said than done.     

In our experience, businesses struggle to get the insights they need from their data for two reasons:

  1. Data isn’t trustworthy – You can have all the right ingredients, yet they must also be assembled properly. Poor structure, inadequate filters, lack of context and more throw data and the resulting analysis into question.
  2. Insights aren’t clear – Even if the data is put together correctly, the insights generated must be easy for everyone to see and understand. Yet even popular BI tools lack the visualization power to communicate insights “at-a-glance.”

No matter how much business data you have, it can’t produce insights if you don’t trust or easily understand what your data is telling you. 

And without insights, you’re flying blind.



Introducing Enabled Dashboards

Enabled Dashboards empower better decisions with business intelligence that’s reliable and easy to understand. 

Built with world class data structure and visualization techniques, Enabled Dashboards:

  • Accelerate your understanding of business performance issues
  • Reveal current problems such as labor cost increases before they have a negative impact
  • Forecast risks such as attrition before they become problems
  • Identify potential opportunities like untapped markets in time to seize them

With consistently reliable, at-a-glance insights, smarter business decisions are much easier to make.

Heat Map
Quickly spot current issues, avoid future risks and seize opportunities with displays that are easy-to-use and understand.
Multi Level Dashboard
Graphic interfaces make it easy for users to understand the ‘what’ AND to drill down to the ‘why

The right insights at the right time

We built Enabled Dashboards to maximize understanding in record time. That’s why we included tools like: 

  • Current State Graphical Interface: At-a-glance clarity of your current business performance. Drill down on areas of interest to explore and understand the scope, context and impact of potential issues.
  • Historical Performance Display: Track and graphically display key performance indicators over time to provide context and understanding.
  • Ranked Reporting: Reporting interfaces aggregate data by its reporting hierarchy and then display it over time.
  • KPI Forecasting: More advanced dashboards incorporate predictive analytics engines which allow you to forecast the likely state of key performance indicators in the future.
  • KPI Monitoring: Monitor the state of KPIs in real time and automatically alert the right people when conditions are out-of-bounds.

Custom-built for your business in six steps

We follow a six-step process to custom-build Enabled Dashboard for your business: 

  1. Gather | First, we crawl, transform and load data from every source, no matter how big or small
  2. Structure | Then we build models to organize the data and map it to the relevant areas of your business
  3. Enrich | We add relevant information to provide perspective, such as comparison against budgets, reporting matrices as well as external information such as economic conditions
  4. Filter | We filter the data to ensure it’s relevant to the reporting hierarchy and the appropriate time period
  5. Visualize | We simplify understanding of the information by allowing the user to visualize it in a tabular graphical format
  6. Deliver | Finally, we ensure insights are delivered through the most appropriate medium by priority and job type

Be ready for what’s next

With Enabled Dashboards, you can trust and easily understand the insights your business data generates to help you:  

  • Make better decisions in a world that’s changing faster every day
  • Increase profits by spotting and seizing hidden opportunities 
  • Lower costs by uncovering and correcting inefficiencies
  • Mitigate risks in time to keep them from becoming problems

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