Women’s Sports Apparel Retailer Identifies Incremental Revenue with Enabled CRO

Overview and Problem Summary

A women’s sports apparel ecommerce retailer was experiencing solid visitor traffic but low conversion rate.  Enabled Concept was asked to use the Enabled CRO approach to help increase the conversion rate.

The Solution

We utilized several tools of the Enabled CRO process during the discovery phase such as session recording and heat maps.

The information garnered during that phase led us to several hypotheses.  The central hypothesis was the use of the image slide show – or carousel – was causing site friction by distracting and confusing visitors.

In a test of the carousel hypothesis several variants were designed which modified or even eliminated the carousel.


Testing revealed the carousel hypothesis was correct, leading to a projected 25% increase in conversion rate and revenue.

The entire process took less than 6 weeks.

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