Increasing Revenue and Lowering Expenses for Credit Card Issuer


A leading credit card issuer was struggling with low conversion rates and a slow, expensive internal test and learn process.

The Enabled Concept team engaged to help them change how they conducted their test and learn process, resulting in a dramatically improved conversion rate.  In addition, the process was made more efficient – thereby shortening time-to-market for new offerings.

Taken together, the effect was to increase revenue and lower expenses.


The Problem We Solve

The client was struggling with two problems.  First, their conversion rate on was significantly below industry average.  Second their existing testing models required 90 days to reach conclusion on market testing of new offers.  Some of the identified root causes of the problem included:

Use of single-factor A/B testing

Lengthy data gathering and analysis processes

The Solution

To address the problem, A&M was asked to develop and implement a new approach to test marketing new card offers as well as an improved process for gathering and analyzing test data.  The solution design included the following:

  • Assessed company’s test and learn processes
  • Designed and conducted workshops to build capacity among staff to enable successful implementation of multi-variable testing, predictive regressions and other statistical improvements
  • Developed, refined and piloted multi-variable tests, predictive regressions and other performance enhancing statistical techniques
  • Identified and developed an operational plan to implement organizational process and system changes


The A&M solution approach resulted  the following  quantifiable client benefits.

  • $85 million incremental NPV and annual cost reductions
  • 15% improvement in response rates
  • 10x improvement in time-to-market

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