Global Investment Firm Uses Project Simulator to Avoid Cost Overruns in Data Migration Project

Overview and Problem Summary

A global alternative investment firm primarily provides its services to pension and endowment funds, institutional investors, individual investors, pooled investment vehicles, and corporations. It manages client focused portfolios, hedge funds, real estate funds, and private equity funds for its clients. The firm currently has approximately $160B in assets under management.

The firm has experienced considerable growth since the existing IT infrastructure environment was established. Management was concerned about infrastructure capabilities of the existing environment to support the organization as the complexity of business and regulatory requirements increased over time.

Our team was asked to conduct assessments of the current environment to identify and prioritize initiatives to refresh the infrastructure

–Develop a multi-year infrastructure optimization roadmap and business case

–Manage the outsourcing of the US Primary data center to a managed hosting provider and also overseeing the migration of over 160 applications


The Project Simulator analysis resulted in the following:

  • Analysis suggested a less than 1% probability of success of meeting the business goal
  • An additional 4 months would be required based on a 95% confidence level

In addition, the team developed a risk mitigation plan for each of the key tasks in the schedule to increase the probability of meeting the business goals

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