Financial Services Firm Uses Enabled Concept to Build Sales Compensation Dashboard

Overview and Problem Summary

A leading financial services plan was struggling with an outdated, manually intensive application for managing sales compensation plans.  The system involved loading of multiple spreadsheets for creating and editing plans.  It also struggled to report on the performance against plans on an accurate and timely basis.  This caused confusion and consternation for both the sales and accounting team, as well as negatively impacting sales productivity.

The Solution

Enabled Concept was asked to design and develop a new solution to managing compensation plans.  The new system would be required to connect to the legacy mainframe data for sales and HR system for employees and merge that data into a new cloud based platform with a Salesforce dashboard front end.

The solution had three major phases.  First, we worked with the client to design a new AWS cloud platform and process infrastructure to host all client data and applications.  Second, Enabled Concept worked closely with the client to develop the data model and flows for the new system as well as the designs for the dashboard screens.  In phase three we developed the new database as well as the ETL programs required to filter and load that data into the new database.  During phase three we also worked with the client to build a new graphical front end system on the Salesforce platform.


As a result, the client now utilizes a streamlined, efficient, cloud-based platform to manage their sales compensation plans resulting in higher satisfaction levels as well as sales productivity.

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