Financial Services Firm Uses Enabled Concept to Build Customer Data Platform

Overview and Problem Summary

A leading financial services plan was embarking on an expansion plan which required them to target new customers and new locations. To accomplish this they needed to merge and leverage their disparate datasets which contained information from existing customers, targets, prospects and locations.

The Problem We Solved

Like many companies, our client’s data existed in several, disparate systems. Customers were billed from one system. Sales data was captured in another system. Marketing data was in a third and location data in a fourth. To build a customer platform which could effectively model customer attributes and products it would be necessary to first merge the disparate data into newly modeled and constructed data warehouse which could be the source of data for a new customer data platform.

The Solution

The new system would be required to connect to the legacy mainframe data for customer profiles, third party database for sales and HR system for employees and merge that data into a new cloud based platform with a Salesforce as a customer data platform (CDP).

The solution had three major phases.  First, we worked with the client to design a new AWS cloud platform and process infrastructure to host all client data and applications.  Second, Enabled Concept worked closely with the client to develop the data model and flows for the new system as well as the designs for the CDP.  In phase three we developed the new database as well as the ETL programs required to filter and load that data into the new CDP. 

During phase three we also worked with the client to build a new graphical front end system on the Salesforce platform.


As a result, the client now utilizes a unified CDW and CDP to enable the identification of new markets, new service lines and new revenue opportunities.

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