About Us

Our Approach

At Enabled Concept, we're focused on helping our clients derive the maximum value from their data. This means identifying, structuring, delivering, analyzing and interpreting the data necessary to solve problems and realize opportunities.  We focus on problems that bring measurable results in the short term, like increasing revenue through Conversion Rate Optimization or preventing revenue leakage through attrition reduction.

We also pride ourselves in our ability to achieve our client's goals quickly and cost effectively.  In fact, we work with our clients to ensure each engagement has a positive projected ROI before we get started.  What's more we're so committed to the cost to value proposition that we're willing to put our profits at risk by using gain sharing pricing to ensure our interests are aligned with our clients'.

Our Story

Enabled Concept was founded by a group of management professionals with over 25 years of experience successfully designing and building custom, enterprise class analytics solution for Fortune 1000 companies.  Each member of our team is a proven leader in their discipline who shares a common passion to bring the same world class skills enjoyed by the largest of companies to the small and mid sized companies with the same needs.


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