Increase Revenue

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our conversion rate optimization solution provides a full suite of analytics-based tools to help clients capture lost revenue by increasing the percentage of visitors who actually buy. This solution can produce revenue increases from 10% to 30% from your existing ecommerce site without the heavy investment of a redesign.


Attrition Reduction

Our team has built numerous models to accurately forecast attrition for subscription-based businesses such as health clubs, insurance, etc. These models allow the business to proactively intervene to prevent attrition and revenue loss. For many clients, each basis point of attrition means hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in revenue.

Predicting Revenue for New Markets and Locations

Deciding where to open up new locations for your business is a tricky task. Ideally you want to maximize the locations revenue generation while minimizing the risk of failure. Our Revenue forecasting model does exactly that.

It takes as inputs your key business metrics such as
number of employees, employee salary, current business locations, competitor proximity to current locations,
and from these inputs it can identify the prospective locations which maximize potential profit of a new
location. Our revenue forecasting is also predictive up to a particular confidence interval, so you can be as
aggressive or as passive as necessary for your business model.

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